1. What is the best way to make a tattoo appointment with you?

    --To make an appointment, you will need to come down to the shop to discuss the specifics of your tattoo idea. You're welcome to bring along any visual reference material pertaining to your project.

    *A cash deposit is required to begin any preliminary drawing for future tattoo work. I can then book an appointment for the tattoo and a deadline date for the design to be reviewed in person, or through email or picture text.

    It is best to email me to schedule a consultation time. Please include a general description of the project you have in mind, your contact information, as well as the best days/times for me to get back to you.

    2. I can't find the design I want or anything that looks like what I want. Can you still come up with a design based on my ideas?

    --Yes. Although reference photos or other artwork is usually helpful to visually convey your tastes or preferences, they are not always necessary. With an adequate description on your part, it shouldn't be a problem to come up with an interpretation of your ideas for your tattoo design.

    3. If I don't live in the local area, how can I make an appointment?

    --Those coming to get tattooed from out of town can use e-mail to get the process started. Once the design is in progress, I can scan and e-mail a study for review before the tattoo is finalized. Deposits are still required and can be sent by regular mail in the form of a money order.

    4. What happens to my cash deposit?

    --All deposits are applied to the finished tattoo. If more than one session is required to complete the work, the deposit will go toward the final sitting. Deposits are non-refundable and are forfeited in the event of a client missing an appointment without adequate (24 hour) notice or if the client, for any reason, is unable to complete the planned tattoo work.

    5. How much do you charge and how much is the required deposit?

    --I charge a rate of $150 an hour for tattooing. It is very difficult to price a tattoo that is not drawn out or sized accurately to the area of the body on which it will be going. A rough estimate for the finished tattoo is possible, but the final price will depend on actual tattoo time. Deposit amounts are relative to the estimated finished tattoo price and can range from $100 for a fairly small piece to several hundred for something larger on the scale of a back piece or a full arm or leg design.

    Thanks for your interest in my work and please feel free to email me any questions that have not been addressed in this FAQ section.