Native Wolf GirlThoopa ThweetLionButterfly & FlowersBar Skeleton Native SkullNative NeckCat on the Skull HatDay O' the Dead Gypsy Forgive & Forget RosesHibiscus Circus TigerHamsa Luminate Tiger GirlSkull, Snake, CandleDeath/Woman MasksPetunia PigNurse MomTIbetan FlowerCobra Americana Piñata DonkeyHungry Police OfficerEagle Americana 1Aqua Monkey Diamond RoseClown Fire"AVA"Nurse w/ RosesRussian Top Hat SkullRussian Witch Cat Russian GoatMonkey HandTibetan Beast 1Tibetan Beast 2Joker"Sheylee" LettersRose w/ Sexy LegsTibetan Hand/FlowerBull MarketBear MarketEagle DaggerPanther Rose FusionTibetan Woman HeadRocketeer Peacock Feather Bill HicksPanther HeadToy PlaneBlue Hanya Pumpkin Stich Maine Lobster First Nation WomanPanther Cover-Up
Here are some tattoos on the smaller side, typically taking one, sometimes two sessions to finish.